The pork is just a small part of the farm, but very exciting.  We have always had great beef available but we could never find good pork, so we would raise a pig or two a year just for us.  As we were asked about pork more frequently we decided it was time to expand, so now we seem to always have a few pigs around.
Just like the beef, there are no horomones and no antibiotics added.  The pork is healthier to eat, and tastes great!  We offer a variety of cuts, anything from chops to sausage.  We also have smoked boneless hams and smoked sliced bacon, these are smoked at Noacks in Meriden using their No Nitrate and No Nitrite process.  

Natural Pork
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Blue Moon Farm
Why Buy Local?

 * Eating local strengthens local economy - According to a study by the New Economics           Foundation in London, a dollar spent locally generates twice as much income for the               local economy.  When businesses are not owned locally, money leaves the community          at every transaction.
 * Eating local is better for air quality and pollution than eating organic - In a MArch 2005        study by the journal Food Policy, it was found that the miles that organic food often               travels to our plate creates environmental damage that outweighs the benefit of buying         imported organic foods.
Farmer's Markets help build relationships - These markets allow you to get to know the          farmers who produce the foods you are eating, which in turn builds trust in the quality          of the foods you are eating.
 * Local food preserves open space - When you buy local, you give those with local open           space - farms, orchards & pastures - an economic reason to stay open and undeveloped.       You have probably enjoyed driving out into the country and appreciated the lush fields         of crops, the meadows full of wild flowers, and the picturesque red barns.  That                         landscape will survive only as long as farms are financially viable.  When you buy                   locally grown food, you are doing something proactive about preserving agricultural             landscape.
 * Eating local protects us from bio-terrorism -  Food with less distance to travelfrom farm       to plate has less susceptibility to harmful contamination.