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Blue Moon Farm
The beef is what we know and love, we have been selling beef for at least ten years, but always by the quarter or half beef package.  Now things have changed a little and we are selling not only in bulk money saving packages but also by the piece!  All the beef is harvested and processed under USDA inspection then cryo-vacced and flash frozen.  
The steers are raised on grass and grain finished with NON GMO Corn grown right in Connecticut.  We feed a high quality blend of local forages, along with grains including corn, barley, oats, and soybean.  All the steers consistently grade choice to prime on the USDA scale.  We believe in grain finishing because it enhances flavor by adding fat to the meat, so our beef tastes great!!!   

All Beef, No Nitrate & No Nitrite Products
Great on the grill, pan fried or boiled

Hot Dogs & Cocktail Franks -  Blue Moon Beef, water, salt, sugar & spices, stuffed in natural lamb casings.

Kielbasa - Blue Moon Beef, water, salt, spices & garlic, uncured & stuffed in natural hog casings.
Buy the Best & Know Where it Comes From!!!
With no hormones and no antibiotics added it is a healthier product for you and your family.  
Litchfield County's Source for Great Beef!!!
You Can't Beat Our Meat!!!
Blue Moon Rabbits

Whole Rabbits, approximately 3 lbs
Naturally Raised
Excellent source of lean protein

$7.00 / lb
New Beef Products

Country Style Ribs

Fresh Kielbasa