- Our primary breed is Polled Herefords.  This is a very docile breed that make good mothers and also   have quality carcass traits.

- We pride ourselves in having not only "happy cows," but also knowing where our product came from.

- All of our beef is grown right on the farm and most of the animals are born on the farm as well.  The few        animals not born on the farm are bought as young weaned calves from  people we know and trust, and who are also raising the animals in a similar manner to ensure quality.  

The Farm
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Blue Moon Farm

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Blue Moon is a small family farm owned and operated by Jim, Gail, Katie & Peter Murdock in Harwinton CT.  We are located in the hills of Litchfield County where we enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the variety animals including beef cattle, pigs and poultry.    

The primary focus of the farm is the beef, which is of the highest quality that we guarantee you will enjoy!  We raise a natural beef, meaning there are no hormones or antibiotics added, the steers are raised on grass and grain finished to enhance flavor!

Raised naturally just like the beef, we have a wide variety of pork available including smoked meats.  We also sell lamb, goat, rabbit, eggs, roaster chickens, and seasonally turkeys.