We do a little bit of everything around the farm . . . got to stay busy!

All of the poultry is naturally raised right on the farm.  The birds have spacious pens they can roam, sorry we cannot free range them because we have a large coyote population, so this is for their safety.
All the birds are harvested on the farm, this minimizes stress and keeps the birds in a healthy environment.

We have laying hens, so yes we do sell eggs.   The hens are never caged and are able to freely go inside or outside as they please. 

It has now become a tradition because of the great feedback from customers, so we raise some turkeys every year that are ready for Thanksgiving.  Limites quantity, order early for Thanksgiving.

A very tender large bird, typical weight is 5 - 7 lbs.  Get a few meals from just one roaster chicken. 
We also have smaller roaster chickens available, just as tender and delicious as ever.  Weighing 3-4 lbs each

Half Chicken
Due to popular demand, we cut up some of our smaller roasters. 

A small tender little bird.  These are often referred to as a cornish gamehen, weighing about  2 lbs each.

Soup Chicken
These are older birds, perfect for slow cooking.  We recommend making chicken soup or chicken and rice, it's fall off the bone good.

Natural Poultry
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Blue Moon Farm
Poultry Prices

Eggs              $4.00 / doz

Roasters        $5.75 / lb

Gamehen     $6.50 / lb

Half Chicken         $6.50 / lb

Soup Chicken      $4.00 / lb

Roaster Chickens

Natural, Farm Raised, Antibiotic Free

$5.75 / lb