Beef Lover's Package

  5 lbs  Chuck Roast and Steak
  2 lbs Shoulder London Broil
  3 lbs Brisket
  3 lbs Shanks
  4 lbs Ribeye Steaks
  5 lbs Short Ribs
  4 lbs Stew
4 lbs Porterhouse & Strip Steak
2 lbs Boneless Sirloin Steak
2 lbs Sirloin Tip Steak
4 lbs London Broil Steak
3 lbs Eye Round Roast
15 lbs Ground


That's 55 lbs! Comparable to an 1/8th of a Beef

Money Saving Package Deals 
Think of the Cook Outs 

4 pkg Beef Patties
2 pkg Beef Hot Dogs
2 pkg Beef Kelly Dogs
(10 lbs total)


Good for a quick dinner, cook on the grill or come on in where it's a little warmer!
You get 16 - 6 oz burgers, along with 16 hot dogs & 16 kelly dogs (kielbasa)

 Creative Cooking

10 lbs Ground Beef
10 lbs London Broil Steak


There is so many ways to prepare ground beef, anything from chili and tacos to burgers or meatballs!
Same for london broil steaks, marinade and grill or cut up for stir fry or kabobs!

For that Favorite Puppy

6 lbs Pet Food
4 lbs Beef Bones


The pet food is all ground, a combination of beef heart, liver & tongue.  
The bones will keep the dog busy, they are cut about 4" lengths and the marrow is good for them.

To ensure the availability of package deals  at the markets, please pre-order. Thanks!
Fall 2016