Beef Cooking Tips
Bone in Ribeye Steak 
Great for the grill and full of flavor.

Bone in Strip Steak
Just like the ribeye, great for the grill and full of flavor.

Porterhouse Steak
Great for the grill, what more could you ask for with this combination of the strip steak and the tenderloin.

Tenderloin Steak
Top of the line, this is also called the filet  mignon, great to grill.

Sirloin Steak
A more economical cut that is still very flavorful, great to grill or broil.

Sirloin Tip Steak
A great steak to season to enhance flavor and grill.

Beef Kabobs
Grill these up with some veggies and have a fun meal for the family.

Beef Patties
Juicy 6oz patties great for those summer grilling           picnics or any time.

Beef Hot Dogs
All beef, no nitrate and no nitrite great for the grill, pan fried or boiled.

Beef Kielbasa
All beef, no nitrate and no nitrite great for the grill, pan fried or boiled.

London Broil
Flavorful cut from the top round, most of the time marinated, then grill to perfection.

Shoulder London Broil
Best when marinated, then grill or broil.  Similar to the top round london broil.

Ground Beef
The possibilities are endless, an awesome 85% lean ground beef.

Sirloin Flap Meat
Very tender, but a coarser muscle texture.  
Great to season and broil.

Flank Steak
Great to marinade and broil, or cut for fajitas.

Cube Steak
Great for a quick meal, just pan fry and serve or make into a steak sandwich.

Skirt Steak
Just season and broil, it is a coarser muscle 
texture but very flavorful.

Flat Iron Steak
Very tender, thin cut from the chuck, best 
pan fried.

Ribeye Sandwich Steak
With a quick pan fry and some onions you 
can have the best steak sandwiches.

Brisket Roast
Great roast to slow cook, or try smoked brisket for great barbeque.

Bottom Round Roast 
Makes a nice oven roast or a great pot roast. 

Eye of Round Roast
A nice oven roast for family dinners.

Top Round Roast
Great for those roast beef dinners, flavorful and easy to prepare, slice thin.

Standing Rib Roast
Perfect for those special dinners, very flavorful and tender.

Stew Beef
Small cubes of tender beef, cut from the chuck and the top round.

Short Ribs
Very tender and flavorful, braise first then grill to perfection for meat that will fall off the bone.

Boneless Chuck Steak
A flavorful steak to slow cook, braise then grill if desired.

Boneless Chuck Roast
Very good pot roast, slow cook to perfection.

Soup Shanks
Put in your soup to add flavor and tender beef, slow cook.

Cocktail Franks
All beef, no nitrate and no nitrite great for the grill, pan fried or boiled.

Beef Back Ribs
Nice rack of ribs, best to braise then grill.

Beef Cooking Temperatures

Rare120 -125˚F
Medium Rare130-135˚F
Medium 140-145˚F
Medium Well150-155˚F
Well        160˚F and above