Want to fill your freezer? 
We offer half and quarter beef packages, whole or half pig packages, and also some smaller ones.  

We also will work with you for smaller, custom packages!

To place an order or if you have any questions, Contact  Katie at bluemooncattle@gmail.com or 860-601-1815

Pork Country Style Ribs                $7.00 / lb

Nitrate Free Smoked Bacon            $10.00  / lb

Pork Spareribs                                   $7.00 / lb

Meatloaf Mix (Beef & Pork)            $6.00 / lb

We Now Have a Farm Store!!!
 Located at Plymouth Meats LLC
6 Allread Dr, Terryville CT
Monday - Friday 9-5, Saturdays 9-12
All of our products available at one place, stop in today!

What's For Dinner?? We have lots to pick from with all of our natural, farm raised products! 
Everything from beef and pork to chicken, rabbit, lamb and goat.
Try Some Today!

February Specials
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