Well 2020 has certainly been a year of the unexpected. Due to the current pandemic there will not be a Collinsville Farmer’s Market this year. 
But don’t you worry! You can still get our meats!!!
Call in your order for pickup at our store! We are doing curbside pick up only. 

Ground Beef                         $6.00 / lb

Meatloaf Mix                        $5.50 / lb

Beef Bottom or Eye Round Roasts       
                                                    $7.00 / lb

Pork Sweet or Hot Italian Sausage Links                                                            $8.00 / lb

Stop by our Farm Store - Located at Plymouth Meats to get something today!
6 Allread Dr, Terryville 
Tuesday - Friday 9-5, Saturdays 9-12

What's For Dinner?? We have lots to pick from with all of our natural, farm raised products! 
Everything from beef and pork to chicken, rabbit, lamb and goat.
Try Some Today!

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